Welcome to TIS Monthly Focus Club

A virtual members-only space with monthly inspirational content to help you on your personal journey

What is TIS Monthly Focus Club?

Do you ever set out with grand personal goals, wanting to achieve the best version of yourself, only to watch the intentions fade into the background as life's distractions take over? Do you jump into personal goals that are unrealistic or not aligned with your everyday life? We’ve all been there. We get it.

We've created this platform to help you focus on one thing at a time, feel accomplished with the steps you’re taking, and live a more fulfilled and balanced everyday life. This virtual members-only space is full of inspirational monthly content, carefully and thoughtfully curated by the TIS team. With new content monthly, each theme will guide you while encouraging you to achieve your goals. As part of a friendly online community, we'll keep each other accountable and share our journeys.

What's our Goal?

Our goal is to connect our community, share inspirational content, create meaningful connections, and provide a space to chat about growth, challenges, and experiences. It's a friendly space to inspire one another, continue learning, stay accountable, and focus on establishing habits and mindset shifts that leave a positive impact on your life.

How does it work each month?

Each month, we’ll dive into a carefully curated theme with concise content, actionable worksheets, group chats, and suggestions for further reading or listening. The focus themes will vary each month, however, it will all be centred around personal growth and inspiration. It's like having a personal cheer squad nudging you towards your goals.

What's included in the Subscription?

1. Access to the TIS Community Platform:

Gain full access to the closed-group with other like-minded people. Alongside the Monthly content, you can utilise the platform by chatting, learning, and inspiring each other.

2. A Monthly Inspiration Theme:

On the first day of each month, you’ll receive a carefully curated monthly theme. This will focus on specific topics each month, all centred around personal growth and inspiration.

3. Exclusive Worksheets & Content:

Each month includes exclusive worksheets about each theme. Complete these weekly or in one go to help you dive deeper into the subject, inspire growth, self-development, and encourage positive change.

4. Enjoy an exclusive store discount:

Available only to subscribed members, save on inspirational tools when shopping online.